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Samuel Jay currently resides in Northern Vermont in the village of Stowe  with his wife Lynne and works in the surrounding areas including Morristown, Morrisville, Hyde Park, Johnson, Wolcott, Hardwick, Waterbury and Montpelier. 

Samuel Jay is originally from the UK and grew up in the South West of England in Bristol. Most recently Samuel has worked at Bradley Stoke Community School supporting secondary school students. Samuel has a great deal of experience working with and supporting people in a number of different roles. Samuel has a experience of working as a private mentor in and around Bristol. As a mentor Samuel worked supporting students through a number of different challenges. He has also supported students through private tutoring. More information can be found about Samuel Jay’s Mentoring and Tutoring on this website.

Samuel Jay has travelled all over the world and has spent time living in Catalonia in Spain as well as the Penepolese in Greece. Samuel has also lived in a number of cities around England including London, Brighton and Weymouth. 

Samuel Jay has travelled extensively around the world and regards travel as an important way of  gaining valuable experience. Through travel Samuel has been exposed to a wealth of different cultures and ideas. Samuel enjoys meeting and interacting with people and has been fortunate to travel to the following destinations.

Cairo, Egypt: Samuel spent time exploring parts of the river Nile. The Pyramids and Ancient Egyptian tombs in the valley of the kings.

Athens, Greece: Samuel has a keen interest in Greek philosophy and was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the Parthenon.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Visiting in 2004 over the Christmas period Samuel was effected by the devastating impacts of the Indonesian earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Victoria, Seychelles: A keen surfer and ocean lover Samuel had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Seychelles

Florida, Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, USA: Samuel Jay’s wife Lynne is American and together they have travelled around the USA working and living. 


Samuel Jay enjoys reading and is especially fond of the Stowe Free Library. In his free time he enjoys walking the many trails around the local area which include the Moss Glen Falls and Stowe Pinnacle trails in Putnam State forest. As well as the Waterbury trail to the summit of Hunger Mountain.

Samuel Jay is currently working on a book of poetry while living in Vermont. He occasionally works at The Black Cap Coffee house in Stowe as well as working at home. Samuel Jay’s poetry is often published on this website and can be found under the writing header along with opinion articles and other literature. 

Samuel Jay also keeps his family up to date through this website and will occasionally upload pictures and videos. Samuel Jay uses Twitter and can be found @samueljayuk on Twitter and by email at

Samuel has worked for Oxfam, Amnesty International and World Vision  and is proud of the experience he has amassed through volunteer work as well as the awareness and funds he has raised to help victims of humanitarian disasters during his time working with these charitable organisations.


Samuel Jay is freelance journalist. Samuel also works as mentor and tutor who works between the UK and America. He is based in Bristol in the UK and Stowe USA. He can be contacted by email at Samuel Jay can be contacted for poetry readings, book clubs, philosophy and literature.

Samuel Jay can be contacted for more information on Mentor and Tutoring work, articles and more information on his current work.

Samuel is currently working in Stowe, Vermont.

Much of my previous work experience has involved working with young people to support, inspire and encourage them to reach their potential. It is incredibly rewarding as young people often see new and innovating ways of achieving and reaching out to accomplish tasks and goals. It is a pleasure to facilitate the development of young minds; working to show them that anyone can achieve anything is something I find very rewarding. It’s all about finding the right strategies and techniques that will optimise learning, focus and motivation. That’s the real key in my opinion, and is what makes life, learning and education rewarding and fun.

Education has come a long way from the linear, one-size-fits-all classes of recent history. This is a really positive thing! The world is changing and the future is in creativity and development backed with the foundation of core subjects. Beyond academic success, one of my primary goals in working with young people is to help them build up their self esteem and embrace their own creativity in a way that allows them to feel more comfortable with learning. In my experience, adding more pressure to someone who may need extra help will have a hugely detrimental effect on their emotional well-being.

Communication and creativity are my passions and I would submit that there are few better tutors than myself. It is so important to build positive connections with students, parents and teachers, as well as the local community. From there, it’s just having the vision to fill that gap where the student can really flourish and excel. Everyone is good at something; everyone has talents, but often can’t see how to use their talents to make their way in the world. I think we really have to encourage people to connect, talk and collaborate in achieving their goals.

If you believe that your talents aren’t being utilised effectively, or that your child has incredible potential but could use a positive boost in the right direction, please get in touch and I would be happy to talk with you about where I can help.Feel free to send me a message and tell me a little about yourself or your child and what you are looking to achieve, and perhaps we can arrange a meeting or a time to have a chat.

Samuel Jay

Samuel Jay

I am the most privileged human being on the planet and I’m going to try and explain, as best as I can, why I believe this. It’s not immediately obvious. But I’ll start by talking about money.

Imagine being the wealthiest person on the planet and that when you check your bank account you see that your wealth equates to 53.5 billion dollars. This actually happens for the richest person on earth. In fact the combined economic wealth of the three wealthiest human beings on the planet is 153.5 billion dollars. I personally have a savings account of about a thousand dollars. However to more than half the world’s population, who live on $2.5 dollars a day, my savings would cover one of their daily living costs for 400 days. My financial wealth is incredible to some and rather pathetic when held up against others. But in my opinion, and this is just the way I think, I feel that I am more privileged than the obscenely wealthy.

Here goes my explanation –

I am limited in what I am able to do through financial constraint right? I am not able to do whatever I want all the time. So if I had billions of dollars I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Without any money, opportunity or freedom there would be things that I simply would not be able to do. I fall right in the middle here and for me it’s the most privileged position of all. For some reason I really want to use jet skiing as an example that I hope will illustrate my point. I’m going to imagine a obscenely wealthy me and a very poor me and then imagine my actual financial realty.

Really rich me – I would go jet skiing whenever I like. I would probably buy a whole bunch of jet ski’s. I would buy faster, better jet skis and then decide that I needed to buy a house on the water with a jetty to put my jet skis on. I would most probably sit looking out on the water drinking delicious cocktails and go jet skiing all the time. Eventually, I imagine I would probably get bored with jet skiing and decide to buy a plane.

My actual current self – Get really excited at the prospect of jet skiing, save up for my jet skiing rental and my hard work saving would eventually be rewarded with a jet skiing experience. From that point on I would be able to say I’ve done jet skiing. If I really love it, I might decide to do it a couple more times and if it is my passion I might decide to work hard to buy a jet ski. Awesome! Possibly I might never succeed at getting a jet ski but I know I love it and although I can’t do it I might be able to do it sometimes or if never again at least I know the thrill of jet skiing.

Myself in poverty – would really love jet skiing but would be too preoccupied with struggling to survive.

I’m aware this example is a little vulgar but it goes a little way to highlighting the privilege of being in my position. Not being wealthy born into huge amounts of wealth gives me an opportunity to succeed. Not having ghastly amounts of money means that I don’t feel miserably guilty at the extreme poverty that exists.

My financial position necessitates that I connect with the majority of society and means that I must work to achieve a fulfilling and interesting existence. I personally think that the position I hold is the most desirable and I would not be so inclined to live the way that I do, desiring a simplicity and independence, if my financial situation was different. There are financial restraints in my life, however there are also doors of opportunity, and these factors gives me impetus and direction to succeed.

I am fortunate not to be in abject poverty living on a $2.50 a day and struggling to survive. Equally I regard myself fortunate that I am not so rich that I do not have to work. my circumstance in the world gives me impetus to work, innovate and sometimes struggle. As a result any success that I achieve is my own. I am also fortunate that any experience that I seek out is only possible through the hard work and dedication of my will and desire.

Where I was born?

I was born in England one of the wealthiest nations on earth that supplies free healthcare for all its citizens and has a welfare state that gives everyone an opportunity at a remarkably good life regardless of their background or upbringing. I was brought up in an atmosphere by my mother that was conducive towards, what I can only describe as positivity. I was subject to neither abstract wealth nor poverty and found that the nurture I received from a young age has helped me fit into the society around me. I share similar values and possess traits that are generally considered admirable. Not only did I have a supportive upbringing but I received an education. My primary school education was exceptional and was at a Catholic school around nuns and the church. My secondary school was very different being a state school in a predominantly white working class suburban area. The education I received was good and the experience I gained from spending my youth with two very different types of people helped me recognise that not all of life is linear and the same for all of it’s people. I learnt about the importance of etiquette, manners and morals as well as adapting and fitting in, conflict and multiculturalism. However I look at my youth up to the age of 16 and I regard myself as exceptionally fortunate in all aspects of my upbringing. This must be attributed to the people who supported me and the responsibility that they took up and the sacrifices they would have made.

I would say that I am governed by fairness, I have rights, that are protected by law, making my working conditions fairer than at any other time in the history of mankind. I receive sick pay, holidays and may join a union if I wish. The benefits of my work are not merely that I may survive but that I may also develop. I have opportunities and receive training and support this makes my day to day living interesting and diverse as well as fulfilling. I work respectable hours and this gives me time to pursue leisure activities that also enrich my life considerably.

The joys of which I may experience from life are in a large part down to the fact that I have liberty and opportunity. This combination of factors within societies is what gives people a chance to succeed at “happiness”. I am fortunate enough to be living at a time, in a place where conditions are very favourable for whatever choice I may make regarding my own life. To have choice and Liberty is for me the foundation of fortune. That my ancestors and people today are in a fight to maintain every man and woman’s freedom and choice has given us the most excellent of options in how we may conduct our lives to achieve our individual happiness. It isn’t particularly fashionable to say it but I am especially thankful to the heros in our armed services that protect and honour freedom and liberty.

My Nature

I am rather fond of the person I am naturally, what a pompous thing to say! But I regard who I am naturally as incredibly fortunate. My feelings and temperament has made my life up to now extremely pleasant. Things make me happy or at least content that might not necessarily make other people content. I love and feel a deep almost spiritual connection to the nature for example the weather makes me blissfully happy. I love being in the rain or sitting in the sunshine. I love walking amongst nature and feeling the emotion of just being a conscious part of my surroundings. essentially I do not find it difficult to be happy. I am conscious of my attitude towards life and I am appreciative that the chemicals in my brain keep me content with the beauty of spring when planting my seeds and the vibrant colour of autumn as I collect the last of the harvest. This is something that I am unable to explain. All I am able to assert is that I am myself and that I am content with who I am. I have not experienced violent trauma or deep set misery and I have not experienced wrenching pain or red anger up to this point in my life. This I would maintain makes me almost uniquely fortunate. I might just mention here as a corollary that I have also been fortunate enough to have an incredible plethora of vivid and intense experiences. I have not felt the extreme emotions that we might consider negative emotions with the exception of fear. Although I’m not sure that fear is only negative and one might argue the definition of pain or negativity.  I have been really fortunate that I have not been through an extreme circumstance or experience that has been utterly demoralising for me.

Maintaining my description of experience here I think that every experience I have had has been positive. I have had negative experiences but all of these experiences have lead me to consider life in a way that makes use of these experiences in a positive way. I hope that this doesn’t sound conceited or hucksterish as even as I write I feel that it might be just a little much to say everything is positive. This way of thinking is not something I purposefully developed as some kind of survival technique. In fact I feel I am sometimes a passenger for how I react to situations and maintain that all is ok and that there is beauty in the birds flying and the sun shining. It can only be a part of the chemical makeup of my brain that compels the way I think. I am not entirely sure that the way I view the world is rational based on the information I have and the things I know or whether it is based on emotion. Everything about my being and how I feel and how I decode that emotion and feeling can only be justified through my senses. Right?

Many people have explained to me that negative feeling and emotion often plague them and that the pain it presents and the outlook they take is almost unbearable. There is no way for some experiences to be construed as positive even by the most optimistic rationalist or spiritual guru. Some things are gut wrenching and miserable. I have been fortunate enough not yet to have to deal with such a crisis, to bare the weight of such a miserable experience and this is something that I realise makes me remarkably fortunate. It is another reason that assures me that I am fortunate beyond compare.

As exceptionally fortunate as I have been – born as a son of England and to have had the upbringing that I have had. As well as possessing a natural inclination to be content as well as not yet experiencing any major experiences of grief, misery or overtly negative emotion. I have also had other good fortune. I have travelled around the world and experienced as well as immersed myself in many different cultures, ideas and society’s. This at a time where travel around the globe has been relatively cheap, exceptionally fast and not excessively dangerous. There is much to be said for travelling and experiencing different cultures. If you have been to a place where people are living in poverty and they are surviving as best that they can it certainly brings one’s own circumstances into perspective. The fact that I have been able to travel is again a supporting reason for my original premise. I am, and continue to be, one of the most fortunate human beings not just at this point of time but in the history of human civilisation on the world! Opportunities are open to me that my ancestors would not have even dreamed about. Medical advances and our knowledge and communication capabilities are so mesmerizing and powerful and the benefits of these things are available to me to utilise to my advantage. I am impossibly fortunate now not only to have been born where I was born but to be born when I was born.

Often when I think about my good fortune I feel very close to getting the giggles! It is so profound in its unlikeliness that I often wonder if it could possibly be true that a conscious being could be so incredibly lucky. In fact it might be said that it was unfair to those who are not as fortunate to begin to describe how lucky I am and how vibrant, beautiful and inspiring I find the world.

Another reason that I feel especially lucky to be myself and especially fortunate to be who I am is that I feel good about helping others. Again, I wouldn’t be surprised at being accused of arrogance and conceitedness at such a claim. I do make the assertion though and I do know it to be true of myself that I feel naturally inclined to support people and to help people. I have pursued this line of work all of my adult life. Not only do I hope that it makes other people happy but I can safely say that it is not in a true sense altruism as I get a warm fuzzy feeling from it. It enriches me and makes me feel good to know I am doing good. I also try to have a positive impact on the world around me. I try to not negatively impact the environment although this is an intriguing debate as I have flown around the world and I do sometimes eat meat and I do have warm showers. But I also have never driven and always used public transport and I try not to buy plastic wrapped produce and ride my bicycle to work each day. These things are again not for some partisan devotion to a green movement or because I believe that I will save the world but because it makes me happy knowing I am not having an overtly negative impact on nature and humanity. I do not hold myself strictly to my ethics however, there is no doubt that I am on occasion a hypocrite but I feel that living to unhealthy extremes would not be conducive to my continued happiness. I’m also terribly unconcerned by the judgement of society at large in terms of it’s clearly conceited and shallow expectations(I will talk more about this later). There are of course people of who I regard their counsel and opinion to be of exceptionally high merit. But acceptance into a society is not something I seek beyond being a member of society and part of day to day life. I have perceived ideas and insights into how people may judge me but I am aware that I am probably wrong and not especially important to them anyway. I dont think it is important at all to be popular or share the exact same opinions or beliefs as anyone else as I assume it would make conversations excessively tedious. In fact I think that I would prefer to be revered for my interesting ideas, thoughts and opinions by a few and dismissed by many. It is very obvious to me that I don’t want to be everyone’s friend nor would it be palatable to be everyone’s enemy but I can’t be the same thing to everyone and care about what everyone thinks. I can only assume that this is a chemical in my brain letting me know that I am content with myself and that I get on with people naturally. In fact it is one of the things I am particularly fond of is my ability to strike up conversations and at times make people very gently smile.

When I was born

It would have been very unlikely in the history of human civilisation that people would have had time to simply sit and think, read and discover. It certainly can be said that never before have people had time that could be filled with such a wealth of information, ideas, videos, music, culture, discussion, debate, media, literature and art so readily available as we have today. Some people do not have the time today but do have the wealth of knowledge and others did have time in the past but not such a tremendous pool of knowledge. This is a particularly fitting time to mention that I am also an individual who has always known civil liberty and personal freedom. I have always had the freedom to express ideas openly and to question and consider. Never before has a people been so free and so able to access incredible knowledge and so much time to explore it. This being said, and easily supported, I believe makes me exceptionally fortunate beyond comprehension. That I was born where I was born in time and place as well as who I am and the amount of accessible information that is available. All this combined with the freedom, liberty and time I have that allows me to explore that information!

There seems to be so much privilege in my existence and so much incredible good fortune. That I am obliged not to merely be content with my being here but to explore it and understand myself as best I can. To map out my thoughts and understandings so that you might understand me better and get an insight into why I am as I am and what has built me into the person I am. I am also interested to try and ascertain where I am likely to evolve and what I am likely to become in the future. To plan what type of father I might be and how I may deal with death and what I think morality is and what makes up my ethics. I think it also calls me to asses religion which is an important part of many people’s life and the idea of God and spirituality and what is important. I can see the surface of this incredible still, beautiful lake of philosophy and religion that reflects the sky and our reality. I feel as if I am sat on the banks and enjoying the sunshine and pondering these very big questions that everyone has had and everyone has discussed and considered and that I want to explore the lake. As I do it will ripple and splash and perhaps become distorted and be cold and horrible or cleansing and awakening. Either way I simply must make this exploration and recognise that it is not necessarily bold and to a degree callow and cavalier either. I am exceptionally fortunate and intensely happy and contented and I am looking forward to exploring the things that interest me. I just feel like I want to write it down and to see where I am lead by my own consciousness. I want you to be part of the journey with me.


Eudaimonia is a greek word for happiness but a more accurate translation could be said to be “human flourishing”. It could be argued that happiness is a state of being rather than a simple emotion.

I often have conversations with people on the subject of happiness and contentment. On whether we should be happy and my submission is that I have few reasons to be unhappy or to be discontented with my lot.

Happiness and satisfaction along with mental wellbeing is in constant fluctuation and owes its constant state of turmoil to the outside elements of life of which one cannot control. I would imagine that an individual that has lost loved ones or who have experienced trauma or a feeling of constant uncertainty and fear will needless to say have a different perception of happiness.

I am extremely fortunate in that my existence has been comforted by a strong and loving nurture and I can only attest to suggesting that my nature falls into a more jovial and easily pleased category than some others. I understand that if I was more geared to being negative as some people undoubtedly are then I might be a completely different person and that could and most probably is all down to my chemical make up. If something were to happen that disturbed or altered the chemicals or connections in my brain such as narcotics or a gash to the head my outlook could completely change and completely change the person that I currently am.

I have always without doubt been extremely fortunate and thankful for everything. I essentially won the lottery of life when I was born in England. I had a loving childhood, I went to school and gained an education and continued to further my studies. I have been fortunate enough that I am outgoing, confident, mildly amusing, and able to hold my own in a conversation. This has lead me to do exciting things and meet exciting people. What is spectacular about this form of society that we have created is that I really feel I can strive and do well. For example I am not great at any one specific thing but I do enjoy, and I mean genuinely enjoy other people. I didnt choose to enjoy other people through listening to them and getting to know them I just have a passion for it and that has come naturally to me. Understanding that some people may feel uneasy socialising and talking to people as much as mathematics often feels for me is always important to remember.

Why fortune, freedom and liberty are the foundation of my happiness.

In England we have such a brilliant support system and here is why I am happy.

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning I have slept safely and comfortably. There is unlikely to be anything that will happen to myself or my loved ones during the night. I wake up refreshed as I have comfortable bed, sheets, duvet etc. I wake up painless, if I feel pain or discomfort I can ring a doctor or get hold of medicine. I have the right to call in sick with an explanation and keep my job. I have more freedom and liberty than many before me before my feet hit the floor and when they do and I go to shower, I am able to clean in warm running water. I get out into a warm house with a towel and have clothes, shoes and breakfast. I have access to communication and I can read the news, send off an email to New York City, read a blog written from someone in any part of the world all before work. I have all of my basic human rights and they are not infringed. I also recognise my responsibilities such as not littering, paying my taxes, being mindful of laws and these responsibilities give me a sense of togetherness with the society that I live in. This without doubt makes me happy and fulfills the very human interactions that I feel are necessary for myself as an individual. I am happy as I do not have to wake up and check that I am still rich and I do not have to battle with extreme poverty. I do not have to work regardless of my circumstance but I have a routine and a job that I enjoy very much. In my job I have rights and responsibilities which means I am not exploited and I am able to feel that I have achieved. This makes me very happy.

Throughout my day I am not abused or mistreated and I live in a society that is working as best it can towards equality and liberty for all of its citizens. I have the right to challenge, discuss, learn and read. I am able to rest in the knowledge that there is security in the form of brave firefighters, paramedics, police and public services. This all makes me happy.

I do not have the pressures of the rich and do not have to maintain a status and I do not have the hunger of the poor. It is important for me to remember that if you were unlucky enough to have been born into lots of money how would you achieve? how would you learn the true merits of your hard work? If you were born into absolute poverty how would you ever pull yourself from it? I am without doubt the luckiest individual that has ever lived on the face of the planet at any time in the history of mankind.

There has been no time in history where a person has been as fortunate as I am right now. There has been no place or time where communication, travel, medicine freedom and liberty have been so great. This happiness that I feel, I believe must also be a product of my chemical make up. I would not be able to regard myself as one of the luckiest human beings ever to have walked the planet if there was a change in the way my brain worked. I have a fantastic love of nature and am able to enjoy many parts of the outdoors. I have excellent freedoms and liberty, I am able to communicate read and learn and have more sources of information than any generation before me.

The future is exceptionally bright and I think that there is certainly amazing potential that future generations will have positive and fulfilling lives. I hope that we can continue to support societies that work towards tolerance and freedom and fairness.


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